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Name:Marcus Harness
Comments:The Rock Faith Center and Ministries has been very critical in helping me get my life back on track, even when I should have lost everything, but I learned that there is no abandonment when you are with God!!!
Visit Date:9/8/2015
Name:Kim Hutchins
Comments:I was given this site by Minister Glo. I have never visited this church but just looking at your web site tells me that you are a people all about serving the Lord. Keep on doing what you are doing and may God continue to prosper you and cover you for the times ahead in Jesus name.
Visit Date:6/30/2015
Name:Angela Dixon
Comments:I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed visiting this Church. Since my visit on May 24, I have been enjoying hearing the word of God from Pastor Eric, which has become a daily mission of mine to read the daily devotion sent out by Pastor Eric. Even though, I came only once I watch the message online and they are a blessing. When I am in EL Paso again, I will make it my business to and worship with you all because God is truly working in this church. Thank you again for making me and my husband feel welcome!!!!
Visit Date:6/14/2015
Name:Maurean Simmons
Comments:I have heard heard Great things about You, First Lady and The Rock Faith Center. I already know you from your previous Church. I know you are an Anointed Man of God. I look forward to visiting yout Churchin the near future to hear you bring the Word of God again. Be Blessed and continue to be a Blessing to others
Visit Date:4/5/2015
Name:Jocelynn Bryant
Comments:I visited your church last Sunday and felt like i was back at church in North Carolina. thank you for being a true and real vessel of the Word.Satification occured. LOL Streaming live today and will be out of town next Sunday but I look forward to returning to your church. ~ Jocelynn Bryant
Visit Date:3/8/2015
Name:Otis Hamlett
Comments:we love your services!!!
Visit Date:3/6/2015
Name:Otis Hamlett // Lifetouch NSS
Comments:Me and my family love the Rock Faith Center,we also love your praise and worship songs. Thank you for allowing us to be at your church!!
Visit Date:3/6/2015
Name:Magnolia Frierson
Comments:Love your Sunday services. My son and his family are members. I watch from my home in North Carolina every Sunday on my tablet. I feel like we are worshiping together as a family,thank you.
Visit Date:2/21/2015
Name:karla franco
Comments:I hope to be a part of a regular attended. Can't wait.
Visit Date:2/9/2015
Name:Antoinette Stewart
Comments:This "Fresh" series. You are sure right about it!
Visit Date:1/31/2015
Name:Nicole & Lloyd Robertson
Comments:On thing I know for sure, if you are attending the Rock Faith Center, you are being spiritually feed. If not, you are not listening. God Bless My Pastors, and we love you.
Visit Date:1/11/2015
Name:Angel and Patsy Gomez
Comments:Rock Family: Angel and I are blessed to be able to stream the Sunday service. Most importantly we are grateful for the daily devotional that reaches us every morning. This allows us to stay focused on God and the purpose for our lives; to serve one another in love.
Visit Date:12/14/2014
Name:Manny Rodarte
Comments:This is a great church where the love of Christ is alive and lived by the members of the congregation. Pastor Eric and Pastor Aisha are spirit filled leaders with a positive word that is non compromising or politically correct. This is a hip progressive church with old school foundations and good solid teaching.
Visit Date:10/15/2014
Comments:My family and I just moved here compliments of the US Army. We love El Paso; the food, people, community. I was invited by several people and made it today. The service was great. My kidsloved it, as well as my husband and I, to sho' we will be back. We loved the reception and Love that Pastor will know us by name!!! I love real people and Pastors Eric and Yaisa are that. Real people, serving a Real God who's son is Jesus!!!!
Visit Date:9/21/2014
Name:Kimberly Lewis
Comments:Myself and my 2 children were Rock members but now we live in Washington. Tried to find a new church home but just wasn't being fed the word the way I should, then my youngest reminded me of the live streaming. I may not be in a building but I'm def getting fed the word. Thanks
Visit Date:8/31/2014
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