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Name:Antoinette "Tonie" Stewart
Comments:I have countless positive things to say about my Rock family and friends. I miss you all dearly. You are the elite and I am proud to call you my family! God bless you all!
Visit Date:11/1/2013
Name:Demond Drayton
Comments:Loving the new website. I'm missing my Rock Family daily over here in Cuba, I'm not able to watch services due to insufficient connection on my end but I read up on this ever progressing website.
Visit Date:10/25/2013
Name:keijo leppioja
Comments:Hello from sweden with that the day in new challanges and new pleasure ot win and be fruitful and thankful always and let the lord bless you all in grace and out pouring of the Holy Spirit on us in christ and pray for more pastorer to go and preach the Gospel that darkness time, thanks and bless ,kiejo sweden
Visit Date:9/30/2013
Name:Anne Smith
Comments:It make a mother feel good knowing that her son (Oscar) and his family has found a place of fellowship that they love dearly. Following you from North Carolina. Thank you
Visit Date:9/29/2013
Name:Latasha Holmes
Comments:Awesome new innovative website! I'm proud to be a part of such a LOVING and Caring church family with a wonderful leader and beautiful First lady at his side. Thanks for loving US as GOD loved!
Visit Date:8/28/2013
Name:keijo leppioja
Comments:Welcome your the word of God in our hearts with blessing and be our celebration in grace and let us win alot the peoples to christ with helping of the lord in power and will and in skill methods of God,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
Visit Date:8/28/2013
Name:Greg & Della Williams
Comments:Pastor Eric & First Lady Hallback, you all are truly a blessing to the ministry at the Rock Faith Center. The Rock is rocking El Paso into believers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The best is yet to come. Look at God and what He is and has done in the lives of the Rock disciples.
Visit Date:8/26/2013
Name:Santonio Haywood
Comments:Thank God for the Rock Family. The past year has been such a Blessing, thanks to the dynamic teaching of my Pastor (Eric Hallback) and the sincere Love and support displayed by his wife (Yaisa), gives assurance that our God is awesome. I Love My Rock Faith Family.
Visit Date:8/26/2013
Name:Cornelius Wright
Comments:The Rock Faith Center has been such a blessing to our Family. Its taught us that God is not in a box and we're created to Worship and Praise him freely. So many places focus on your outward appearance and never really take into account how a persons' heart is. We're honor to say that we're members of The Rock Faith Center and we truly Love and Respect the Pastor and First Lady. In anticipation of greater things to come.
Visit Date:8/25/2013
Name:Tammy Pargoud
Comments:What a Blessing to be a part of Church that has ministry for the entire family. Our Babies as well as adults learn about Jesus and his Love, Grace and Mercy. If you can't join us in person our Pastor and visionary has designed this website to reach all those who desire to have a closer relationship with Christ!!! Saving and Reaching all souls for Christ is what the Rock Is All About!!!! We are Progressive and would love to have you fellowship with us here at the ROCK!!!!
Visit Date:8/25/2013
Name:Kimra Moffett
Comments:This website is awesome! I love being part of a progressive church like The Rock. And not only are we progressive but we also learn to walk with Christ on a daily basis. Amen!
Visit Date:8/25/2013
Name:LaShaun Wright
Comments:Pastor and 1st lady you guys are such a blessing you never seem to amaze me I'm all the way in Maryland and I can honestly say you have not only impacted me but my family as well this website awesome keep up the great work. Gob Bless you all my Rock Family
Visit Date:8/25/2013
Name:Bryan Roberts
Comments:This website is great. Easier to navigate through. I want to thank Pastor, First Lady, and church and their prayers for family. Since then I was blessed with two promotions at work. God is good.
Visit Date:8/25/2013
Name:Manny Roman
Comments:What a blessing the Rock Faith Center has been for me & my family! Truly a church with a vision that you can embrace, be empowered, encouraged & equipped to live a Christ-like life! Pastor, 1st family & website is off-the- chain!!
Visit Date:8/24/2013
Name:Larry and Silnettra Barnhill
Comments:We are truly blessed by each and every service we attend here as God is always showing his presence and favor in the various ministries we've seen here. The Rock Faith Center is a shining example of what God can do when his will in being done. May God continue bless the Rock Faith Center Family.
Visit Date:8/24/2013
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