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Name:Bro. Louis Pargoud
Comments:Outstanding Service. I was taken back to my childhood with the hymn How Great Thou Art. I didn't think that hymn was being sung anymore. I truly believe that past hymnals from an earlier period of our religious past should be incorporated into service on a regular basis. This caters to the older generation of OUR ROCK FAITH CENTER. I truly enjoyed service this morning. How Great Thou Art only enhanced the experience even more.
Visit Date:3/18/2012
Name:Donna Hallback
Comments:Pastor Hallback and congregation, I really enjoyed the service on today. We absolutely should' strive harder to serve (great message). With all my love n prayers, Apostle Donna Hallback
Visit Date:2/26/2012
Name:Virginia Thomas
Comments:Pastor, 1st Lady and Rock Family, I miss you all so much. From serving with guest services to eating Mrs. Della's cakes. God Bless the Rock ministry. For anyone who is looking for a BIBLE based word, friendly members and awesome fellowship look no further than the Rock Faith Center. This is the only church where I felt I could talk with my Pastor, know and serve with my 1st Lady and connect with others who were hurting and trying to make it through life. Thank you and I love you all.
Visit Date:2/7/2012
Name:Valarie Claxton
Comments:Wow, look at God! Just when you thought this website couldn't get any better, God steps in and blows our minds. I'm so blessed to be a member of this progressive ministry. Thank you Pastor for constantly seeking ways to fulfill the vision that has been placed in you.
Visit Date:1/26/2012
Name:Louis Pargoud
Comments:This website improves every week. Very informative and well developed. Keep up the good work.
Visit Date:12/15/2011
Name:George West
Comments:pray with me for strength and encouragement for my family and myself
Visit Date:12/2/2011
Name:Faith Harris
Comments:Thank you Pastor Hallback and Rock Famly for making a way for us to stay connected. You all are truly the best family in the world and we thank God for blessing us with a way to stay together!
Visit Date:11/28/2011
Visit Date:11/14/2011
Name:Imani Cabrera
Comments:Always a powerful presence of the holly spirit in and around the rock members and the center. Enjoying my walk and journing as a christian, proud to be growing right along with the Rock Faith Center. Were a family!
Visit Date:11/13/2011
Name:Vernell D. Wilson-Williams
Comments:It is a pleasure to have this capability in the ministry.
Visit Date:11/3/2011
Name:Donna Hallback
Comments:Your services really bless me over and over again. I am very thankful my son and his wife start this ministry. The singing and preaching, etc. is awesome. Everyone is doing an excellent job, glorifying The Mighty God we serve. I love you all very much. Keep up the great anointed work for JESUS>
Visit Date:10/8/2011
Name:Valarie Claxton
Comments:HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! Words cannot express this overwhelming feeling of love and excitement that I have right now. The Rock Faith Center is definitely progressive.....constantly moving forward all in the name of Jesus. The new website is wonderful....what a blessing to have a man of God with so many spiritual gifts. I thank God for placing me in such a blessed ministry with such awesome believers. To my wonderful Pastor and 1st family, the RFC family loves you so much and we thank you for your service.
Visit Date:9/17/2011
Name:Donna Hallback
Comments:Pastor Hallback, The solo you song on Sunday (7/31/11) was really a great inspiration. While I was listening to it, I felt the healing virture of God, radiating through my heart. I know that I am healed by Jesus' stripes. Thank you and your prayer warriors for the many prayers you all have prayed for me. God is blessing me in every way. The holy messages you preach are essential and are also inpirational.
Visit Date:8/4/2011
Name:Donna Hallback
Comments:Wow, what an awesome siminar presentation Min./Pastor Michelle Martin brought forth at The Rock Faith Center. I'm sure it was very inspirational to many. God bless you Pastor Hallback, Michelle (niece), and congregation, for sponsoring a dynamic/educational event on, "Kingdom Principles for Godly Prosperity." It has encouraged me and have help to give me hope for a better financial future. God Bless~ Ap. Donna Hallback
Visit Date:7/23/2011
Name:Donna Hallback
Comments:Your services are getting more and more powerful. I really have enjoyed the song services, and the great preaching of the Word of God. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. I would have loved to be there when my niece Michelle Martin, share her great experties; howerver, I will not be there, but my prayers are with you all. Her new book is awesome and encouraging to many. I'm sure you will enjoy her presence. God Bless -- hope ta see u all soon. Love & prayers, Ap. Donna Hallback
Visit Date:7/19/2011
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