Team Rock

Team Rock is a group of capable leaders who are dedicated both personally and spiritually to this ministry. They are committed to displaying Christ-like characteristics and are believers of The Vision. Each is responsible for multiple functions in the church and can be counted on by the pastor and the disciples of The Rock.


eric c. hallback, sr.

A man of modest beginnings obeyed God’s mandate to birth a church that will reach the lives of his generation and beyond.  With the vision of empowering all people to know God through His Word and His works, Eric strives to minister to the “un-reached”. In other words, those people who have either been overlooked, who have had little or no experience with, or those who are disillusioned by the traditions of church.

yaisa hallback

Alongside her husband, Yaisa is committed to serving The Rock and the people in the community by helping them discover salvation through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. She also serves as our Women's Ministry Leader and oversees the finance and budgeting ministries all while being a devoted wife and mother.

tony haywood
assistant pastor          

Tony serves as the Assistant Pastor and as our Youth Pastor (ages 12-18). He provides solid teachings to our youth and encourages them to develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ. He understands how to reach them with relevant age-appropriate messages that keeps them wanting more. He also oversees the daily operations of The Rock, our outreaches and community efforts.

jason owens 
children's pastor          

Jason is our Children's Pastor (ages 0-11) and teaches weekly in Rock Kidz.  He is passionate about the spiritual development of our children and works along with awesome servants who are trained proficiently in the areas of the Children's Ministry. All servants work to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your little ones. Your children will be taken care of by caring individuals in our nursery, toddlers and kids classrooms, all while learning the Word of God.

linda hammonds 
pastors' administrative 

Linda assists our pastors with handling the day-to-day needs of the church.  She coordinates appointments, ministry meetings, and participates in all of our special events. She ensures all church affairs are taken care of and follows up with vendors, contractors and keeps the pastors' schedule aligned.

zareth rodriguez
executive assistant/

Zareth supports the executive team in organizing information, planning, managing church logistics, and events. She is responsible for maintaining online and public media as well as getting this information to the church family and community. Zareth is instrumental in maintaining the church's calendar, ministry records, and scheduling the use of our facility. She also oversees the translation ministry of The Rock.

yazmyne hallback
worship leader            

Yazmyne plays a significant role in setting the atmosphere during our worship experiences and events as our Worship Leader.  She is responsible for building and training our worship team to meet and exceed the expectations of all who attend.  She also works with our Rock Band and all other ministries for our weekly services and special events.

tenaya thomas
rock life director          

Tenaya's primary role is to establish and foster exemplary relationships between The Rock and its disciples and guests.  As the Rock Life director, Tenaya gets the opportunity to walk hand and hand with every new disciple through the connection process assuring that each person's transition to a specific area of ministry is a smooth one. She has a heart for people and it shows.

diana castillo

Diana is the link between our church staff, the congregation, and the community as she serves as a gateway to those who call or come into our church on a daily basis.  She is responsible for creating a positive and impactful environment for the church and its ministries.  She also provides direct support to our administrative and executive staff. 

charles jeffries
building maintenance  

Charles is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of The Rock. He supervises the areas of construction and common area maintenance. He is instrumental in making sure our facilities are at there optimal level of performance at all times.