Total Church

Tenaya Thomas

The Total Church ministry is responsible for maintaining the vision and structure of the church. Its major focus is on the administrative, security, and the external ministry elements of the church. The Total Church includes the Board Members and Pastoral Care Staff.

Rock Life
Designed to introduce our disciples to The Rock and help them understand the Vision, Mission and purpose of The Rock.

Congregational Care/Transportation 
Provides security, guidance, and van services for those attending worship.

Rock Closet 
Provide food and clothing assistance to those in need.

Community Connection  
Designed to connect every ministry to our community and connect our community spiritually to our church.

Designed to provide interpretation from English to Spanish for those attending worship services and events.

My Health Rocks  
Designed to promote healthy Christ-like living that magnifies the kingdom of God through holistic health.

Guardians of The Rock 
The Intercessors who diligently pray for the Pastors, disciples, sick, and  lost.